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As a digital content creator, I do my homework diligently, staying up-to-date on the latest trends in branding, strategy, and user behavior. With a keen eye for data analysis and a passion for marketing, I bring a unique perspective to your project. By understanding the bigger picture and the interplay of various elements, I ensure maximum efficiency in delivering successful results for your brand.

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Open Publishing

Bilandia is Germany’s leading online marketing agency for the publishing industry. Our goal is to make books and content visible and successful online. I work as a freelancer there and design media – across platforms and strategically.

Munich | 2019 | today

Social Media Design 

Cut and editing

Visual Design

Motion Design

The Fenche touch Patisserie is a master patisserie in Munich with very high demands on its work and every part of its brand.

My job was the entire marketing. The design and development of the online shop. Planning and implementation of marketing. Art direction of the entire brand development.

Munich | 2020 

Art Direction

Web- Design

Social Media


Project Management


We take restaurants and bars during their closing times and turn them in perfect coworking spaces.

Your extended home office, whenever you need it. A coworking space to work, connect and get inspired.

Munich | 2019/20 

Web- Design

UX- Design


„Imagine networking at events, which is fun and efficient“. The Matchmaker aims to revolutionize networking at events. There I was responsible for brand communication and the coordination of the social media channels.

Munich | 2019 | 4 Month


Social Media Strategie


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As a researcher and discoverer, I bring an excellent eye for design and a deep-rooted passion for digital communication. Having grown up as a media child, my excitement for creating captivating content has never waned. I work tirelessly, constantly pushing myself to meet the highest standards. My unwavering determination to explore new horizons keeps me constantly striving for greatness.

I am always on the lookout for strong partners who share my drive for excellence. Let’s join forces to elevate your brand and embark on new adventures together! Contact me today to get started.

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